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22857 Lockness Ave, Torrance, CA 90501, USA

Phone: 310-327-7359 / Fax: 310-538-8794

CEO/President:  Jeffrey Kashida

Contact us by email: questions@kotous.com

  • E-Commerce  & Operation: Anuj Pradhan  VP/COO
  • Sales & Marketing: Aiko Shoji, VP/CMO
  • Media Operations & Product Development: Dan Lujan, VP
  • Administration/Accounting: May Okabe, VP/CFO
  • General Affairs: Michiyo Yakabi
  • Product Planning & Development: Dan Lujan
  • Art Department: Felipe Alberto Benavides
  • Warehouse Operation: Andy Chu
  • Fulfillment Operation: Mote Lama
  • Customer Services & On-line Marketing: Taku Tokioka
  • Logistics & Solution: Bill Brooks
  • Spanish Speaking Customer Center
  • Sales Coordination: Asmit Pradhan
c/o Incessant Rain Studio, Museum Road, Chhauni-13, Kathmandu, Nepal
●TOKYO ZEROSTAR: 501/69 Mhypee Marg, Mhypee, Kathmandu-16, Nepal
●TOKYO ZEROSTAR: Office & Distribution Center in Delhi, India: TBA
●Office & Distribution Center in Mumbai, India: TBA
  • Accounting & Administration: Geeta Blank
  • Sales & Marketing: Abishek Bohara
  • Sales Staff: Krishan Verma
  • E-Commerce Operation Center: Abhinav (Dennis) Casa Shrestha
  • Legal Counsel: Ashurya Mitra


  • Legal Counsel : William T. Gay, attorney-at-law
  • Legal Counsel for India/Nepal Operation: TBA
  • Financial: Takenaga, Hashizu, Jay & Co. / Cliff Suruki
  • Strategic Financial Management: Daniel Bennet & Glen Michel
  • Web Operation: Joe Gwan (ProsForPros)
  • New York Liaison: Richard Kashida
  • Technology and Mobile App Development: Eric Homier, PhD.

Advisory Board:

  • Gerald Curtis
  • Y. Kawamura

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KOTO INC (dba KOTOBUKIYA)    A  Koto International llc company.

KOTO INC has its corporate headquarters in Torrance, California.  KOTO INC today represents KOTOBUKIYA for North America Market including Canada, United States, and Mexico.   KOTO INC also covers most of the Central American Regions as well.   Its capability of E-Commerce, SNS marketing and Media Communications have been playing the vital role for the enhancement of KOTOBUKIYA brand today.  With its network of the most talented US sculptors and artists in the arena of collectible statues and toys, KOTO’s highly capable USA team provides an invaluable resource to strengthen KOTOBUKIYA’s marketing and product development capabilities for its Global market. KOTO INC’s marketing capability is also essential to meet its growing business needs.  In the midst of globalization and constant  shifting of business trends and management styles, it is critical to manage and control various marketing resources to strengthen our position against the competition and maximize our growth potential.  KOTO INC has been pushing a cost-efficient branding effort to capitalize on various emerging resources and media such as online search, display advertising, video games, internet TV channels, social networks, online user-generated content, and word-of-mouth marketing. 

With a fusion of cutting-edge technology and creative craftsmanship, KOTOBUKIYA is now much capable of responding to the sensitivity and fluctuation of market needs, as well as collector’s persistent demands for product perfection. The new website is now operational, and KOTO INC (KOTOBUKIYA) is fully committed to developing an online experience that provides the highest level of customer service and support.


In 1947, Kotobukiya was built as a toy store in Tachikawa city, Tokyo and it  became a limited liability company under Ichiro Shimizu, as its first CEO in 1953.

While always continuing to focus on retail sales, KOTOBUKIYA first venture into original products as a model kit manufacturer began in 1983 with Armament, our first original model kit. This was followed in 1985 with King Godzilla, our very first licensed kit.

What really set apart KOTOBUKIYA from other model kit manufacturers was the acquisition of the model kit license for Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam THE-O mecha, the first time a company other than Bandai was able to release Gundam products!

Our first foray into the non-kit business was in May of 1989 with soft vinyl statues and the Active Styling Figures (today branded as ARTFX Statues). Since then, we have increased our lineup with fully assembled and painted resin statues (now known as KOTOBUKIYA Fine Art Statues), Action FiguresOne Coin Mini Figures and more!

As a model kit manufacturer, we were always striving to further improve the material and detail and articulation of our kits. That level of commitment has continued throughout all product types that we have developed, and KOTOBUKIYA is renowned for our quality and dedication to craftsmanship.

In our retail stores, we hold annual sculpting and painting contests, which is judged by our in-house and other known sculptors and outside judges, including the editor-in-chief of Hobby Japan, the Japanese model magazine. The number of entries normally exceeds three hundred, with entrants from all over Japan. In fact, some of our in-house sculptors originated as entrants into the contest and other toy manufacturers have scouted many others!

Over the years, we have attracted the attention of not only top artistic talents, but also the favor of publishers and licencors who wish to work with only the best the toy and collectible industry has to offer.

Koto Inc., and Kotobukiya Japan today has a strong joint collaboration in the product development for the North America and Global Market.


We look forward to responding to product review inquiries from the media and press. Please direct your email to: dan@kotobukiya.us.com Or dan@kotous.com

Inquiries will be forwarded to our Media & Marketing staff and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Please note that we have limited review samples but are always looking for websites and individuals interested in reviewing our products. Let us know what kind of coverage you can provide along with the following information in your request: A URL to your review site or blog and several recent links showcasing your review talents. Additionally you can request to be added to our PR mailing list; each month we send out new product news and information to our media partners.  


KOTO Inc is always looking for potential opportunity for O.E.M Partnership. Please feel free to contact:  OEM Inquiry


Please send your resume to: Job Application 

22857 Lockness Ave. Torrance,CA 90501, USA.

  • Opening for Marketing Analyst: Please send your information: Career Opportunity
  • Opening for Operation Manager: Same as above.
  • Opening for Sculpting Artist: Same as above.
  • Opening for Painting Artist:  Same as above.
  • Opening for Photographer:   Same as above.
  • Opening for Warehousing & Fulfillment Operation: Same as above.

As an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer, Koto Inc is committed to fostering a diverse, multicultural work environment where our employee-owners respect one another and share a commitment to our firm’s values, mission, and strategies.  Koto Inc provides equal employment to all participants and employees without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, veteran or marital status.