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  • DC Comics Villains continue to invade Kotobukiya's ARTFX+ lineup with The Green Lantern's No. 1 foe: enter Sinestro!

  • Sinestro holds his Yellow power ring at the ready, his left arm reaching back, ready to unleash the chaos of the power of fear.

  • Highly detailed 1/10 scale sculpt brings Sinestro to life as if he'd just stepped off the comic page.

  • Display alongside other ARTFX Super Heroes and villains based on character from DC Comics.

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Kotobukiya’s lineup of statues based on the superheroes and villains of  DC  Comics  continues  to  grow,  and  next  up  is  a  classic Green  Lantern  villain  who  has  worn  multiple colored rings over the years: SINESTRO!  At the start of the New 52 era the purple-skinned Korugarian was  once  again  a  Green  Lantern,  though  he  would  later  return  to  the  group that  bears  his  name,  the Sinestro  Corps.    And  that’s  exactly  how  he  appears  here,  in  his  full  yellow-garbed  glory!    The highly detailed 1/10 scale Sinestro is on the rampage, launching himself forward into battle with his right arm thrown  out  behind  him  and  his  left,  ring-bearing  hand  leading  the charge.    The  supervillain’s  fear-empowered uniform is unique with black and yellow sections, studded bracers, a silver belt decoration, and the Corps logo on his chest.  Bright gold really makes the yellow of Sinestro’s uniform and ring stand out, as does the level of detail including all of the subtle piping and the Korugarian’s musculature.  The villain’s face is contorted into a fearsome sneer, his skin an appropriate deep purple that contrasts nicely with his bright white teeth and black hair.

Sculpted  by  Ikkei  Jitsukata,  Sinestro  stands  just  over  7  inches  tall  (1/10  scale)  and  like  all  ARTFX+ statues he has magnets in his feet for extra stability on his included display base.  Don’t fear the addition of this villain to your DC ARTFX+ collection; he looks great on his own and even better paired with his longtime arch-enemy Green Lantern Hal Jordan (sold separately)! 


© & ™ DC Comics. (s16)

Additional Info

Additional Info

License No
Scale 1/10
Material PVC, ABS
Series DC Comics
UPC 812771028837
Release Date October 2016